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Authors and Artists

Dominic Albanese writes poetry on subjects ranging from gritty to numinous with the same gruff honesty and humorous sense of wonder. His published works include “Bastards had the whole hill mined” and “Then n Now.” He would prefer it if you stayed off his lawn.



Brian Bohmueller is a mechanical engineer, science educator and grassroots activist in several n-verses. On this timeline specifically, he writes SpecFic, poetry and ethical thought experiments at He also enjoys letterboxing, kayaking, and puzzles with extra meta. And he categorically denies being in the possession of a beaming app that can be digitally tuned across the Multiverse.


Levi C Dunn is a Fantasist from Southern Indiana residing in Southern Florida but spends most his time in worlds of his own making. He is pursuing an undergraduate degree in the humanities. He hopes to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing and publish stories and novels.


Ellen Lyons Born in Newark, N.J. and a Stuart resident since 1977, Ellen has always been obsessed with books. Reading, writing and illustrating slow boiled in her blood. With one heartfelt resolution in 2018, she vowed to get published. Now she can die happily—or write some more!


Corina Pelloni is an artist, designer, writer and craft-person. Her zeal in exploring new media has led her from painting to graphic design to bonsai to soap-making to cake decorating to found- object art, etc. Recent forays: resin jewelry and incense making. She is also a poet. Find her at and join her in the great artventure.


Serena Schreiber started life in Brooklyn, New York. After living in Miami, London, and Bremen, Germany and narrowly escaping the corporate world, she became a children’s author. By day she writes about urban and environmental solutions. By night she pens fantasy and Howls at the Moon. Visit her and other characters at &


Kathleen Spalding lives on The Rock (mainland Florida) and writes about False Key. It’s the closest she’s come to realizing her childhood dream of becoming a mermaid. More of her stories appear in the first four False Key anthologies,, various Florida Writers Association publications,, and


Anthony Stevens is an olde pharte Technogeek, Author, Photographer, Woodbutcher, Leathercrafter, Gearhead, History freak, and Graphics enthusiast. After traveling a great deal, the US Navy Vietnam Vet has settled in South Florida with three feline friends where he reads SciFi, Fantasy, Steampunk, and of course, Erotica. Visit him at


Donald Voelker creates works of art using a synthesis of traditional and digital methods. His enthusiasm for art, creativity and innovation serves as his guide as he draws, paints, and sculpts.

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