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Somewhere South of Sane

Looking for a fantasy getaway? Ready for some supernatural romance? In a dozen short stories and poems, escape to False Key, Florida--island of dreams and nightmares, shifters and mermaids. Beware of the predatory marine life as you catch up with your favorite naughty angel, a wily witch, and a fearless shaman in Book 2 of Somewhere South.
Whether you're stopping for a cold one at the Peg Leg or catching a late show at Skinwalkers, False Key nightlife promises creepy bartenders, magic-slinging waitstaff, and gullible patrons. Why not join them?

Enjoy stories and poems by Amber Garr, A.P. Kelly, Corina Pelloni, Serena Schreiber, Sutton Shields, Kathleen Spalding, Kathryn A. Thomas, Mary Freeman, Wanda Frazier, and Dale Simpson. Cover art by Dj Voelker.

Somewhere South of Sane
Book 3


Somewhere South of Reason

Wanna get away? Visit False Key, an unforgettable destination in the Florida Keys, and you may never leave. Whether you're wearing scales or body paint, False Key invites intrepid merfolk, shifters, and human travelers to come as they are, relax at a local watering hole, and celebrate diversity at our annual FantaSea Fest parade. CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT.
On False Key - the shifter-friendly island you won't find on most maps - some revelers' eyes will be opened to new lifestyles; others will close forever. Home to predatory marine shifters and their prey, the locals are not what they seem. 


Enjoy stories and poems by Amber Garr, A.P. Kelly, Corina Pelloni, Serena Schreiber, Ashlee Sinn, Kathleen Spalding, Matthew Rieder, Jessica Pelloni, and Dominic Albanese. Cover art by Dj Voelker.


Somewhere South of Sundown


Venture over the Florida Keys' last bridge and find or lose yourself on False Key. On the island of mermaids and marine shifters, "swim and let swim" is the motto. Yet locals clash over lifestyle and menu choices. Everyone needs to make a living, but some are making a killing. Wade or wash ashore and encounter fantasy, magical realism, horror, poetry, comedy, supernatural and adult content in the form of: 

Salvation-seeking island thugs
Humans snared by the love of fish
Investigations one south
FalseKeyRocks unlocking portals
Toothy smiles hiding nasty appetites
Epic battles waged by supernaturals
Revenge as a dish best served iced
and a sneak preview of  Some Like It False
Street performers outmaneuvering Donald Grump


Enjoy stories and poems by Dominic Albanese, Corina Pelloni, Matthew Rieder, Serena Schreiber, Kathleen Spalding, and Brian Bohmueller. Cover art by Dj Voelker.

Somewhere South of Reason
Book 4


Somewhere South of Cinco


The world shifts. So too, its refugees.


You've arrived in False Key: an island bridging the world of humans to the realm of mermaids and other shapeshifters. Tourists and runaways come from the mainland and the deep waters of the Florida Keys to seek adventure and find themselves. You'll meet bikers and biologists, cops and mafiosa.


Are you visiting? The locals may welcome you with open arms or open jaws. Trying to disappear? The island provides a haven for some and a final resting place for others. Consult the local shaman, magical bakery, or anhinga for what ails you. Belly up to the bar, but mind the spirits. Tune into the local stations, but watch out for alternate realities. Find romance, or sea serpents, or religious fanatics.


Newcomer beware—among the fantasy, poetry, horror and laughter, you may encounter: spiky drug dealers, healing shrikes, immortal podcasters, long-lost kin, tetchy ghost whales, exclamatory crayons, recalibrated ley lines, and spicy cakes.


Each book in the False Key series is a standalone collection of interconnected, contemporary urban fantasy short stories and poems. Somewhere South of Cinco, Book #5 in the False Key series, offers more than a dozen delicious diversions by award-winning and emerging authors. Dive in!

Book 5


Somewhere South of Normal

Dive into the mysterious waters around False Key, the premier tourist destination for shapeshifters, predatory marine life, and the humans they snack on. Book #1 of the Somewhere South series offers 12 short stories of fantasy, horror, supernatural romance and poetry. ADULT CONTENT

Ascend by Amber Garr
A night on the island provides a final goodbye for a mated couple.
Castro's Beard by Serena Schreiber
During the annual FantaSea Fest parade, a café regular proves to be more than just a lounge lizard.
Witchy Waters by A.P. Kelly
A Flagrant Witch meets the locals.

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